Richmond 31 Lehigh 3 - The Spiders Offense


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Dec 31, 2010

missing Jasiah Williams speed and big play threat was really noticeable today...otherwise it seemed like a workmanlike effort that got the job done versus an outmanned Patriot league team...the 4TDs in the 2nd quarter allowed us to coast most of the 2nd half...

once again we were able to rush for nearly 200 yards with Dykes and Smith being more effective running inside than they were versus favorite Jerry Garcia also saw action, providing some outside speed in Williams absence...

Joe Mancuso's numbers weren't as flashy as versus Howard, but he did not throw an INT and was not the team's leading rusher...Issac Brown continues to show off his good hands!

I expect we played the second half close to the vest, not wanting to show Villanova too the defense this offense will get its first real test next week in Philadelphia...last I looked the Wildcats were pitching a shutout versus Bucknell...

2-0 is exactly where we should be going into CAA action next week...I'm really looking forward to seeing how we fare...

Go Spiders!


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Nov 27, 2006
With Jasiah Williams, and Fitzgerald back hopefully for Nova, we have a very strong
receiving core
We’re still talking about that stupid lateral that Mancuso made. WTH was that?
that was an example of his poor decision making at times. He would have had 3-4 yards gained holding on
to the ball. Second I wish we would play Jackson Hardy in front of Beau English. It scares the heck out me if
something happens to Mancusso. English is not very smooth and throws like Cam Newton.
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Sep 26, 2011
english is not a college qb. russ may regret not giving hardy more reps, but he'll say beau has earned it. its not about who gives us the best chance to win !!!

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