Richmond 20 Villanova 10 - The Other Side of the Offense Delivers


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Dec 31, 2010

it certainly looked and felt different watching the Spiders offense yesterday at The Brick House...the first five games of the season had heavily featured our controlled passing attack...apparently Nova Coach Ferrante noticed and decided to focus the Wildcats defense on controlling, or stopping it...seems logical

enter the rushing side of OC Billy Cosh's Richmond offense...52 carries for 227 yards...four ball carriers were led by Aaron Dykes 23/96 yds...Savon Smith 7/74 yds...Milan Howard 7/49 yds. and Udinski 11/32...there were no fumbles among the seemed like our offensive line wore down the Wildcats as the game went on...I don't recall a holding penalty...

if you missed the game you can get a taste of what was different in the amateur video clips of selected rushing plays...

I must confess it took a few series to get used to our offense featuring the run, but it worked and we're still in the CAA battle...I'll take some of whatever the defense will give us!

Go Spiders!
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