2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - Villanova


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Dec 31, 2010

there haven't been many CAA games at The Brick House since 2016 that you could legitimately call critical...if I'm forgetting a few we probably lost them...I believe Saturday's game against Villanova qualifies as critical to any significant chance Richmond can battle for the CAA Championship and the six CAA wins it probably takes for FCS Playoff At-Large consideration...

take heart Spiders fans, the squad seems to have been following Coach Huesman's weekly advice that they need to keep improving...they've been better in each game since the Virginia opener, but the W/L record just doesn't show it...I expect more progress this week that could not come at a more important time...we'll likely need it against an equally desperate Villanova team...the Wildcats need this game as badly as we do!

the late 4th quarter meltdown at Elon reminded even optimistic fans of the Spiders struggles of the last four full seasons...but this week provides optimistic fans with at least one more chance to exercise their hopeful mojo...beat Villanova Saturday and few will look back to Elon...they'll look ahead to the remaining five CAA games with a real shot at playing in the Championship/Playoff battle...

it should be a great football game...if this really is a different Spiders team they'll leave The Brick House Saturday evening with the biggest win in the program since 2016...

enjoy this week's Prologue...

Go Spiders!

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Mar 8, 2010
Don't necessarily disagree, but Russ has said if we win the toss he intends to take the ball this season. Also has said he intends to go for it on 4th down more often than not. Was not surprised by the call late in the Elon game.


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May 5, 2003
That’s the problem. A predefined strategy that doesn’t adjust for how things are going. RH may be a defensive genius but the in-game strategy has been questionable for years and he’s never surrounded himself with better minds to provide him insight/wisdom to elevate his abilities.

maybe he can talk Sidbury into updating his analytics. Give him an intro into coaching and actually move us to the 21st century.

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