Watching the VCU game in Sacramento


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Dec 17, 2009
Due to a painful business trip to attend a conference in Sacramento I was unable to be at the Robin Center for the game. In fact I was stuck in meetings thru the first half but checking the game on CBSSports. As soon as the meeting broke I raced to the bar in the Sheraton Grand Hotel and had the bartender turn on ESPN2 and I was good.

As some of you might know my daughter is a UR cheerleader, which I announced loudly to the crowd at the bar, and all of a sudden there were about 12 new Spider fans in the Sheraton bar because they thought that was pretty cool. THEN a lady walked up and informed me her son was a soph at UR so they were in and cheering as well. Small world.

It didn't hurt that the game was destined to be an "Instant Classic" and was an amazing game to see, but the group really got into it and the Spider story. There were lots of high fives and hugs to go around at the end of the game, the Jack and Cokes helped as well.

Just wanted you all to know that the excitement Wed night was coast to coast.....

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Dec 4, 2003
Thanks for that post. Living in Charlottesville with the inherent draw of the number 2 Hoos this year competition for rooting interest is intense. This game because of being on ESPN2 and the fact that the UVA-Wake game ended earlier than a usual Va game resulted in a number of people commenting to me about watching the end of our game starting with about five minutes or so to go. And URo-Line the cheerleaders did a great job particularly during TV ad time keeping the crowd fired up through cheering and lots of promotional item giveaways. Glad you could get that Sacramento bar crowd into it. Is amazing that a woman there had a son at UR considering the relatively small size of our alma mater.


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May 7, 2003
great story and SPIDS are everywhere. the lady two doors down and her daughters come every year to sell girl scout cookies of which i am fairly attracted to, the cookies not the lady though she is a knockout from equador. anyway, had my SPIDER flag out and she said that her niece was a soph at UR. was just watching a replay and noticed that Smitty, on the bench toward the end looked really unusual, not sure if sick or just tense or what but he looked out of sorts big time.

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