2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - Delaware


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Dec 31, 2010

after six years away from the CAA Championship battle this has been a really fulfilling season for this fan...it seems like we have been playing for our Championship and Playoff hopes every week since Elon...and now we've got what may be the toughest game at all at Delaware!!!....how's it get any better for a football fan!

Huesman and Carty have acknowledged the similarities between the two teams this week...Henderson v. Udinski....WRs Pitts and Townsend v. Herres and Henley...CAA #1 Delaware defense v. #2 Richmond defense....WarrenNolan FCS power rating UR #14 Delaware #15...you get the idea...these are two evenly matched teams...

Coach Huesman doesn't delve into the intangibles of the Spiders very often, but this week he pointed out a giant difference in this squad and some of his previous squads...he said this team "believes" it will win now, as opposed to others who "hoped" they would win...he went on to say how close knit the team was and how they played for each other...something has made a big difference this season...Huesman may be right about this team!

I expect we'll take our best game to "The Tub" and I expect Delaware will bring their best game...this one's got everything I remember about Championship caliber November football...

enjoy the Prologue...it has a special beginning that many Spiders fans may remember...hint, it's pretty exciting!

Go Spiders!
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