Mooney has been outstanding over the past 5 games


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Oct 11, 2009
If the fantastic run this past 10 days is truly due to Mooney changing his coaching philosophies, then that should be evident next year with all the seniors leaving and he has a new team. If nothing else, maybe our run plus seniors leaving may have opened the eyes of some in the transfer portal.
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May 31, 2002
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KE, I see this as potential area of concern for next season. Not based on one game vs Providence, but just looking at the lack of any body of work for the returnees.
Nelson - will have plenty of duties, no idea if he will be a high % 3 shooter next year. Goose, can look good at times but 4 year sample says below average for a SG, though brings a lot of other positives obviously. Dji we have talked about, I think he can be a 3 point shooter, but not proven at this level either. Randolph, same thing. Dread, ditto. Noyes, ditto. Crabtree shot 36% at Tulane as a freshman, but with injuries and smaller sample size here not as good. I think if healthy, and more PT he has the most proven record that he could return to that form. Burton has put up two years as 36% so would expect same or better next year. Grace, as great as he played down the stretch, we did see his % plummet in the A10 rigors, and overall for season 28%. I wonder if we will try to bring in a proven shooter?

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