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May 31, 2002
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With today's announcement on Burton out of the way, next on the to do list:

1) Announce Matty Effing Grace is coming back, better than ever, for his final season. He is taking names, and kicking A$$. Play him at the 4 , at the 5, starter, off the bench, doesn't matter. BURY HIM!
2) Bryce Golden - Sign him now. Checks a bunch of boxes for our interior - size, athleticism, 10th year having a Golden on the team, scoring, rebounding.
3) McCorkle or another shooter. Like McCorkle the best out of names we have been mentioned with. Athleticism and shooting, 3 years to play.
4) Quinn or Stephens. Even if Grace is back, and Golden is landed, we need one more proven big. I like both, I have a slight preference for Stephens, b/c I do have a concern with our 3 pt shooting, and this guys is best in the country for a big. LIke Quinn too and would love to have him.
5) Get out and recruit, should be using the Tyler Burton story (I know, not drafted yet) to sell recruits. Not super highly recruited, came here and got better every single year to the point that he is a draft prospect, while a ton of guys ahead of him in h.s. recruiting are not. Sell this!!!! NE prep schools are full of these guys. RJ Blakney was higher rated, and went to Dayton, and is the same player he was in prep shool. Looky what Burton did under our tutelage.

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May 27, 2003
I'd be putting the full-court press on Stephens if there's even a sliver of a chance there. Show him Golden's career and success and sell him on that kind of opportunity. This kid is the real deal and would completely open up our offense for everyone else.


Dec 16, 2018
With today's announcement on Burton out of the way, next on the to do list:
Nice list 23. Definitely looking forward to any of 1-4 being announced.

1) Really wondering about Grace. Seems like an announcement would have been made by now, so my guess is he may be waiting until he knows if any other post players are coming (your 2,4)

2) Haven’t seen anything about Bryce which I guess is good and bad. I think the chance of him coming for 1 year is better than it ever was when Grant was here. Less comparisons to his brother and obviously a much shorter time frame.

3) McCorkle seems like something Mooney would love in that you get another player for 3 years. I really don’t see a 1 year guy in a guard spot for next years team. I know others disagree.

4) Same reasoning as 3, I think the staff would want Quinn. But definitely will be talking to Stephens as he looks exactly like the type of player that fits the UR system. If they land either one, it would prove that UR has a fighting chance in the new portal centric world.

5) Hoping that this is premature and that Burton comes back. I don’t think he is ready for the next level yet although staying at UR one more year doesn’t guarantee anything in my mind either.
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