Richmond 38 Howard 14 - The Punt Return Strategy


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Dec 31, 2010

if you were at The Brick House yesterday, or watched the game on TV, you probably noticed that our defense forced eight Howard punts during the game...

God bless WR Issac Brown... I'm not sure he fair caught each one, but it seemed like instant replay over and over again...Brown catching the punt surrounded by 6-8 angry Bison about composure...Brown's sure had it yesterday...not muffing the ball is probably top priority and Brown was perfect...

but what is the strategy?...were we even trying to block for a return, or put pressure on the Howard punter...I saw neither, particularly any blocking for a potential return...

maybe one of you who is more astute at special teams return strategy can provide some insight?

again hats off to Issac Brown...he proved over and over again he can catch the ball in a crowd...

Go Spiders!


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Apr 8, 2008
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I believe Russ is in charge of Special teams.Whatever we’re doing it’s on him.That lower angle sunlight when facing the south end was brutal on Saturday.