Richmond 31 St. Francis 21 - The Red Flash Played Tough


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Dec 31, 2010

as some expected the Red Flash gave us a real tough was disappointing that we couldn't put them away when we had chances...looking at the stats and seeing the game it was clear we should have scored more points...Coach Huesman reinforced it in his postgame remarks...

for the 2nd game in a row we struggled to keep drives going in short yardage situations on 3rd and 4th down...there's been a lot of discussion on the other thread about this UR challenge...I'm sure they'll be working hard on it this week...we got away with the failures against the Red Flash, but might not against tougher competition...the first four plays of the amateur video are short yardage plays on which we failed to gain a yard, or so...

we're also still working on preventing big plays and containing the running QB...the Red Flash got back in the game with their long TD pass and run...several times in crucial 3rd down situations the STF QB scrambled for the yardage necessary to keep our defense on the can also see several examples of this...

then there was the killer turnover just before the half...

obviously we need to get better and hopefully will get better this week against Lehigh and before the CAA war begins...

we're 1-1 right where most folks figured we'd be after two games...we've got an offense that's playing well and doing what it was expected to do...the defense is still improving...I'm hopeful!

Go Spiders!
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