March 12, 2011 - The Future Was Bright!


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Dec 31, 2010

after the loss in the 2010 A-10 Championship game most Spiders fans thought the future was bright...most of the starters on the 2009-2010 NCAA team were returning...sound familiar? turns out it was as the Spiders earned the 3rd seed in the A-10 with a 13-3 regular season record...after defeating Rhode Island 55-45 on Friday the Spiders played the #24 Temple Owls in the Saturday semifinal round...

this amateur video from the end zone seats (the price was right) will provide a glimpse of how back and forth and hard fought this game was...the Spiders did not back down to the Owls home crowd or their team...we made just enough plays to make it to the goal get the win in the final minutes we played outstanding defense, made FTs and snared RBs...that's what it took to defeat the nemesis Owls...

the final 15-20 seconds of post game video are very features jubilant Richmond fans exiting Boardwalk Hall to the UR chant which was echoing through the building...I'll take that memory to my grave!

sadly this was the last victory the Spiders have had in the semifinal round of the A-10 Tournament...this is what the players, alumni and University have missed for the last eleven seasons...2011 proved a Championship basketball team can provide all with something they can enthusiastically support...

we need change to bring these types of days back again....

Go Spiders!