Is the Traditional Senior Day Recognition Taking Place Saturday?


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Dec 31, 2010
I have checked the UR AD Football website and the Game Notes... if there is any mention of it there I missed it...I hope the players and parents get on the field for recognition...

regardless of the "official" celebration, The Spiders Gang plans to recognize the Seniors and Grad Students with the highly anticipated and always fun Spider Gang Senior Day Shout'll be our 14th consecutive season...since its our first Championship finale Shout Out since 2015 we may have to do a few extra cheers...

all interested fans are invited to participate in this amateur and brief celebration located in parking lot C61...Shout Out time should be around's a great opportunity to recognize the players and warm up your leather lungs and Spiders mojo for a Championship afternoon in The Brick House...the Spiders camaraderie and fellowship is pretty special too!

Beat William and Mary.

Go Spiders!

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