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May 5, 2003
Saw recently where the goal was to lock these contracts down as far into the future as possible so that when NCAA football collapses and the big boys go off on their own, we can still get checks.

2023 – at Michigan State (9/9/23)
2024 – at Virginia (8/31/24)
2025 – at North Carolina (9/13/25)
2026 – at NC State (9/12/26)
2027 – at Louisville (9/4/27)
2028 – at Virginia (9/9/28)
2029 – at Pittsburgh (9/22/29)

“Yes, I do think they’ll go away,” said UR coach Russ Huesman. “I told somebody, ‘Let’s sign as many contracts as we can, try to get that thing up to about 2038, and then when they bail on us, we’ll take the money.’”

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