2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - Lehigh Mountain Hawks


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Dec 31, 2010

Spiders are prohibitive favorites again this week...despite being on the road and the game being the Hawks home opener it's a game we should win impressively...its dangerous to compare scores, but Villanova did trounce Lehigh 45-17 in week one...

the game gives Richmond another chance, against an underdog opponent, to demonstrate that they are improving week by week...Coach Huesman continues to say we need to get better...it's likely he knows we do in order to get back into the Championship battle at the top of the CAA...

like St. Francis I expect we'll get Lehigh's best effort and game...it'll be interesting to see if we've improved our opportunity areas on both sides of the ball...scoring more points to go with our impressive stats with explosive plays and more short yardage success offensively and more disruptive plays, sacks and tackles for loss on the defensive side...

Huesman said earlier in the week this is a business trip...let's hope the Spiders can close the deal!

enjoy the Prologue...

Go Spiders!
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