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Stevenson Brothers to the UR HOF

2022-2023 Season outlook

Now that we know everyone is back. We are all excited, I would dare to say. What are some lineups(doesn’t have to be starting) you guys would like to see and what are some predictions record wise for the season? SpiderK’s original prediction was 10-21 and not making NIT 😶 I think even SpiderK will revise that prediction now.
As far as lineups “I” would like to see on the floor is Jason, Dji, TB, Matt, & Neal. But I also like replacing Matt out with Bigelow and moving TB to the 4 spot. Bigs is going to rebound, can shoot it and is a solid defender and is a heck of an athlete. I didn’t think TB would be in that spot much but I’ve changed my mind, I think he could be used there at least situationally. Also need the back up for Neal and so Matt gives us the best option at the 5. Not sure about Waltz & if we use him. If Matt sticks at the 4 then we may have to use him but I’m not sure if that realistic since he hasn’t gotten o campus yet or I think he will be starting Sunday . We’ve talked about most of this a lot already. I think we use Roche as matchup based and situational. Kid is absolutely going to play bc he can shoot it and has been doing that in wrkouts. I think Malcolm is also a very very strong guard who can help us in spots. Of course there is still Goose, Aidan, and Marcus but these are lineups of what “I” would like to see, nothing more. I think we have the potential to win 20 reg season games at the end of the day and make an NIT run and BEST case an NCAA shot, but I think with this group the NIT is attainable. Only 143 day remain before the start 😀🕷🏀 Thoughts?

2022–23 Schedule Updates

Nov. 7: vs VMI (buy game)
Nov. 11: vs Northern Iowa (multi-year H&H series)
Nov. 14: at Charleston (completing H&H disrupted by COVID)
Nov. 21: Empire Classic vs Syracuse
Nov. 22: Empire Classic vs St. John's/Temple
Nov. 30: at Toledo (return of H&H)
Dec. 3: at William & Mary (first game of H&H)
Dec. 10: vs Drake (return of H&H)
Dec. 13: vs Fairleigh Dickinson (buy game)
Dec. 17: vs Clemson (Greenville, S.C.)
Dec. 21: vs Bucknell
Dec. 28: vs Coppin State (buy game)

Dec. 31: at George Mason
Jan. 4: vs George Washington
Jan. 7: vs Duquesne
Jan. 11: at Davidson
Jan. 14: at St. Bonaventure
Jan. 17: vs Rhode Island
Jan. 20: vs VCU
Jan. 25: at Massachusetts
Jan. 28: at Dayton
Feb. 1: vs St. Bonaventure
Feb. 5: vs Fordham
Feb. 8: at George Washington
Feb. 11: vs Loyola Chicago
Feb. 15: at La Salle
Feb. 21: vs Saint Louis
Feb. 24: at VCU
Mar 1: at Saint Joseph's
Mar 4: vs George Mason

Mar 7–12: A-10 tournament at Barclays

2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - Stony Brook

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CAA openers have been a anxious time for Spiders fans in recent years...we have not won a CAA opener since 2015!...some things are very similar again this year...the team's 2-1 and going into the conference opener with momentum...many fans are optimistic and hopeful...I'm one of them

will we get crushed again this year? me it seems a little different...our offense has been consistently impressive in all three games...our "work in progress" defense has been getting better each week...Coach Huesman and the players seem more confident...

Spiders nemesis Stony Brook won't make Richmond's job of reversing recent history easy...they've beaten us four of our last five meetings...I expect we'll get their best game...but if this really is a different Spiders team we find a way to win this opening CAA game...getting to the six CAA wins needed to fight for the Championship requires defeating the Wolves, a probable double digit underdog...

Saturday at The Brick House will be a perfect opportunity for this team to begin building its own different history...

enjoy the Prologue...

Go Spiders!

2022-2023 Record Prediction


Northern Iowa - L
@ Charleston - W
*Syracuse - L
St. John's/Temple - W
@ Toledo - L
@ William & Mary - W
Drake - L
Fairleigh Dickinson - W
*Clemson - L
Bucknell - W
Coppin State - W
@ George Mason - W
George Washington - W
Duquesne - W
@ Davidson - L
@ St. Bonaventure - L
Rhode Island - W
@ UMass - W
@ Dayton - L
St. Bonaventure - L
Fordham - W
@ George Washington - W
Loyola-Chicago - L
@ La Salle - W
Saint Louis - L
@ VCU - L
@ Saint Joseph's - W
George Mason - W

Richmond 51 Stony Brook 7 - Udinski

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Spiders fans, I think we have ourselves QB!...this looked like another Udinski masterpiece from my total command of the Cosh's "Richmond offense" and using it to near perfection...

I have no idea how good Stony Brook will end up this year, but Udinski and company really made them look outmanned...that's very different than our recent performances against the Seawolves...

it must be fun for our wide receivers, running backs and offensive line to play with Udinski in this offense...nine different players caught passes...

if you weren't at The Brick House, or didn't see the game on TV, enjoy a look at Udinski in the amateur highlights...I'm looking forward to much more...

Go Spiders!

2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - St. Francis PA

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though I didn't see last week's game in person, or on TV/Computer, I read enough and heard enough to believe the Spiders played well in many areas versus the Cavs...who would have guessed we'd have no offensive turnovers, or penalties?...that's usually a sign of a well coached football team ready to win...I thought it was an encouraging start to the season!

but it won't mean anything unless we use this game to keep improving...

last I read we were a 17+ point favorite over the Red Flash...Coach Huesman and the players made it pretty clear during the week what the team needed to improve coming off the UVA loss...more explosive offensive plays...better tackling...and defending the rushing lanes...if this team wants to break through in the CAA this is a game in which the foundation to do that gets stronger...we cannot take a step backwards versus the hardnosed and feisty Red Flash...

effort, execution and improvement are in order Saturday...a convincing win would be good medicine for the players, coaches, students and fans!... I'm hopeful we'll walk out of The Brick House satisfied with our improvement and progress!

enjoy the entire Prologue episode at the link...

Go Spiders!

Richmond 51 Stony Brook 7 - Spiders Defense Stops Seawolves

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I'm not sure you can call what the Spiders defense has done in consecutive weeks against Lehigh and Stony Brook "breaking news", but the defense sure appears to be "trending" in the right matter who your college opponent is, holding them to less than 200 yards total offense is impressive...

I realize the Seawolves have an inexperienced QB and were banged up in the backfield, but still, 154 total yards, 7 first downs, 3 turnovers and 4 sacks...that's a game!

for a unit that Coach Huesman has called a "work in progress" I think they're gaining on it each was fun to watch today...

Elon is likely to be a much bigger test...but guess what Coach Huesman said post game..."we've got to keep improving!"...I expect we will...

enjoy some of the dominating defensive effort in the amateur clips...there's a little of everything...

Go Spiders!

Week 5 Lineup

Hurricane Ian,Rankings,Phoenix

Keep the ball dry with no wind and sure footing on a grass field.

Sat, Oct 1, 2022 Football
MonmouthLehigh12:00 P.M.Bethlehem, Pa.Stats ESPN+
VillanovaMaine1:00 P.M.Orono, MaineFloFootball
2:00 P.M.Elon, N.C.TV: My48StatsFloFootball
William & MaryStony Brook3:30 P.M.Stony Brook, N.Y.StatsFloFootball
TowsonDelaware3:30 P.M.Newark, Del.TV: NBC Sports PhiladelphiaStatsFloFootball
New HampshireWestern Michigan6:00 P.M.Kalamazoo, Mich.
BrownRhode Island6:00 P.M.Kingston, R.I.StatsFloFootball
Albany,Hampton bye

2022 Richmond Spiders Football - Prologue - Virginia Cavaliers

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I hope it'll be fun Saturday breaking in another new UVA Head Coach...they have a lot of questions...and we have some too...I try not to forget that everything else being equal it's FCS v. BCS...that should give the Cavs a big advantage in depth, size and speed...accordingly they are 24 point favorites earlier this week...

I'll be hoping the Spiders can shock the college football world...if we don't I'll be disappointed, but not, or lose, I hope to see a well coached team on the field at Scott Stadium...a team that plays smart, hard and executes the fundamentals...that will bode well for the FCS season...

It should be interesting to see if the Spiders defense can slow down the outstanding Virginia passing attack... and contain the Cavs questionable rushing attack... and if, behind a talented and experienced OL, new QB Reece Udinski can execute our new offensive scheme...moving the ball through the air and running the ball effectively...playing fast...

Coach Huesman said two things that stuck with me this week..."we have to get them on the ground"...missed tackles that lead to big plays kill FCS teams versus BCS opponents...and that no player on the Spiders roster received a scholarship offer from UVA...that means every UR player that goes on the field Saturday has something to prove...

enjoy the season's first Prologue...real football is less than 48 hours away!

Go Spiders!